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Queen Elizabeth’s Brooches Are More Than Just Pretty Jewels — and Their Secret Meanings Are Fascinating.

The Scarab Brooch:
The Queen received the Scarab Brooch as a personal gift from her husband, Prince Philip, in 1996. Because of this, it carried a special meaning when she wore the gold, ruby, and diamond piece for her and Philip’s official platinum anniversary portrait.

The Brooch the Queen wears in ‘The Crown’:
The brooch features a hand-painted Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Rose on a background of rock crystal, surrounded by a frame set with 100 diamonds. This is the brooch that The Queen Mother wore until her death in 2002. Now it has become a favorite piece of the Queen, especially for springtime events, like this appearance at Royal Ascot in 2016.

The Flower Basket Brooch:
The Queen’s parents gave her this Flower Basket Brooch in 1948 to celebrate the birth of her first child – Prince Charles and she wore it in her first official portrait with him.

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